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Anti-Drugs Cell

The extensive use of narcotics/drugs within and outside educational institutions has become a serious concern nowadays. The highly energetic youth can be guided by educating and at the same time by warning against the adverse effect of narcotics/drugs. With this noble intention, we focus on channelizing their talent, hobbies and intellect. We keep close contact with the students and their friends to make them aware of the legal implications of the same.

The Anti-Drugs Cell of the college has been constituted to ensure a drug- free campus by imposing a total ban on the possession or consumption or use of drugs and alcohol by students of the college, within the campus premises and discouraging it even outside the premises. The duties of the Anti-Drugs Cell include organizing awareness programs, seminars, arranging poster campaigns, conducting rallies. Educating the students about the ill-effects of narcotics and alcohol, encouraging peer bonding among students against the use of drugs and reporting of any noticed use of drugs by the students to the management.


  • Dr. Smiti Jhajj - Coordinator
  • Ms. Sneh Prabha - Member
  • Ms. Monica Gupta - Member
  • Ms. Neha Jha - Member
  • Ms. Shweta Chugh - Member

Reports on Drug Abuse