Empowering EWS

Empowering EWS Entrepreneurs for Service Industry

India is at its growth trajectory. For this to be truly inclusive, holistic development of all sections of the society is must. In this context, there is a need to enable the socio-economic empowerment of the SC-ST communities. With the aim of National SC/ST Hub of Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise, Govt. of India and the vision of going beyond education and employment, support to entrepreneurs from the SC/ST community is required.

With this mission, NSI is focused on empowering entrepreneurs, building entrepreneurship, start-up & scale-up ventures for Service Industry. For this proper training, business knowledge, up-gradation of skill, digital literacy enable them to start income generating activities on their own. This will contribute to the country’s rapid growth as well as help in the development of supportive ecosystem for SC-ST entrepreneurs.

PM Narendra Modi addressing the audience during the launch of SC/ST Hub, National MSME Awards ceremony, at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana on 19 Oct'16. (Source: PTI)