Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management, a 4-year full-time Regular is a Professional Degree which is recognised globally. This Graduate Program has 8 Semesters including 2 Semesters (IVth and VIIth) which are meant for On-The-Job Training, Skill Development and Project Work. This Degree Program aims at laying a very strong foundation for Tourism & Travel Industry and covers all the facets of not only Tourism and Travel Management but also that of Airlines and Hospitality Management.

During these 4 years, the Students are imparted advanced knowledge and training so that they have exposure to the popular and commonly used concepts like Marketing Management, Tours Planning, Skills in Economising, Packaging, Ticketing, etc. The Students are also equipped to know how the application of various concepts is done and applied both intensively and extensively in the Tourism Industry. Graduates in this degree program "Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management" shall also build up a strong working knowledge base of all the aspects of Airlines and Hospitality Management.

This program is very useful in the matter of placement in Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Airline Cabin Crew / Ground Staff, Cargo Company, Destination Marketing Company, State Tourism Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafe, Event Management Companies, etc. They can also venture into once own business, may be proprietor or partnership.

Semester I

  • Introduction To Tourism & Travel Management
  • Geography of Tourism
  • Tourism Resources of India (Natural)
  • English
  • Human Values, De-Addiction And Traffic Rules
  • Writing Skill For Tourism

Semester II

  • Travel Agency and Tour Operator
  • Tourism Organisation and Associations
  • Tourism Resources of India (Cultural)
  • Envirnonmental Science
  • Web Applications in Business

Semester III

  • Tourism Operations
  • Project Work
  • Tour Guiding / Escort Services
  • Airline Ticketing and Fare Construction

Semester V

  • Transport Services in Tourism
  • Tourism in Operations (Soft Skill)
  • PDP for Tourism, Training from Industry
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Researching for Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Project Work (IET)

Semester VI

  • Tourism Impacts
  • Tourism Resources of India (Religious)
  • Tour Package Management
  • Hotel and Resort Management
  • Event Management

Semester VII

  • Industry Exposure: Human Resource Management
  • Industry Exposure: Events

Semester VIII

  • Adventure Tourism, Water and Land Base
  • Food Tourism in India (The Regional Cuisine)
  • Air Cargo Management
  • Business Law in Travel and Toursim


ATHM Students will be given Basic Ticketing & Health& Spa Management along with their regular studies

To Enhance Employability of every Youth: (Personality Development + Communication Skills + Soft Skills + Resource Management Skills + Situation Mgt. Skills + Time Mgt. + Positive Attitude + Mock Interviews + Interface with Corporate + Placement Process)