About Alumni Office

Alumni Office

A little about ITFT Alumni Office

ITFT Alumni Office is a long term initia​tive​ by ITFT Education group to help connect with its Ex-students. This Office shall keep track of all the Alumni of ITFT College. It will also maintain regular communication with ITFT Alumni Network and develop & implement strategies to engage its Alumni with ITFT College and its Alumni network.

How are Alumni Office Operations Managed
  • Alumni Office at ITFT is run by a 9-10 member Student team, 3 Alumni Coordinators and is spearheaded by a 6 member Faculty team.Our work begins with collecting updated data and preferences of our Alumni.
  • This includes basic information and their professional information.
  • This data shall then help us to regularly communicate with the Alumni and keep them updated about the latest happenings in the college & Alumni Network.
  • Everyone who is or has been a part of ITFT as a student in the past is a part of this office as this office cannot function without the help and support of its Alumni, Students and the Faculty.
Benefits of registering with Alumni Office
  • Latest Information related to College (Latest news, Official School work, Faculty & Alumni networking.
  • Participate in Alumni Engagement Programs (Mentorship, Alumni Talks, Placement Talks, Internships & Sports forums)​
  • Seek ITFT's support professionally.​
  • Offer Service or Support to ITFT College.