About ITFT College


A little about ITFT College

Pioneering since 1994, ITFT has surfaced out to be one of the ace institutes in North India. What sets the brand apart is that we strive for vision that is matchless and extraordinary! When we state that ITFT has escalated over the years, we hold no apprehensions about it! Our active involvement in differed avenues has led to the attainment of our current stature. Some of those activities or more precisely services that we focus on are:

  • Academics
  • Research & Development
  • NRI Research & Studies
  • Consultancy for Service Industry Projects, Tourism, Hospitality and Airlines
  • Global Human Resource Solutions and Consultancy Global Conferences, Events and Communication
  • Reoccupation of ex-defence personnel in Service Industry
  • Ayurveda & Health Tourism
  • Sustainable Eco - Tourism Research & Studies
  • Corporate Training Programs

If it is believed that sky is the limit, we carry a conviction of aiming beyond its peripheries and strive to make it a possibility, hence we are ITFT!